Dental Treatments

At Yankee Valley Dental we provide all the services that you need to attain a smile that you feel be confident about.

Proud Member of Both the Canadian and Alberta Dental Association

You Choose Your Treatment

At Yankee Valley Dental we want you to have a full understanding of any treatment that has been suggested to you. In fact, we want you to take part in choosing your treatment. Dr. Parsa and her team are here to do the necessary exams to determine the health of your teeth, and they will discuss the findings with you. They will display pictures of your teeth on a large screen, so that you will be able to see what the team sees. With each tooth, Dr. Parsa will  discuss possible treatment (which includes no treatment at all), and the pros and cons involved with it.  You will then have the full knowledge necessary to choose a course of action.

Our hope at Yankee Valley is that your visit is unlike any dental experience that you have had. Too many times Dr. Parsa and her team hear about adverse dental experience that their patents have had. The truth is that Dr. Parsa and her team have all had not-so-positive experience at various dental offices themselves. This is why we are committed to make our office one that patients can feel at ease. 

We want our office to be a place of comfort, where you trust that our team only wants the best for you.

What You Need to Know

The Extra Touch

Dr. Parsa will always give out her personal phone number after extractions, dental implants, or root canal therapy. She also wants her patients to be able to get a hold of her if there is even small a chance that they will be in pain over the weekend. At Yankee Valley Dental, we want to ensure that our patients are never left without the care of a dental professional.