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We might surprise you at Yankee Valley Dental, because we don’t jump into doing treatment

We first spend time getting to know our patients, and that’s why our new patient exams may be longer than what you might be used to. Our new patient exams are very thorough, and that includes having you fill out a detailed medical and dental history. This is our way of having a fundamental understanding of your oral health. We may take some x-rays are this appointment if you are due for them.  Patients can also choose to have their cleaning started at the same appointment if they wish. Whether or not the cleaning can be fully completed depends on your gum health.

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We Are Accepting New Patients

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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dr. Parsa is a firm believer in only doing treatment that is necessary; this includes frequency of taking radiographs. How often radiographs are recommended to patients depends on the patient’s age, cavity risk, and periodontal health. For instance, patient under the page of 5 or 6 who have no signs of cavities do not need to have x-rays taken. Similarly, an adult patient who has not had a cavity in 10 years may be comfortable having x-rays taken every 2 years rather than annually. These are decisions that Dr. Parsa would like to make with her patients while discussing risks and benefits. 

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At Yankee Valley Dental, we want to ensure you walk into your dental appointment feeling confident. Our frequently asked questions include  information on our dental services, our office values and helpful tips on how you can keep your mouth healthy. If you have any further questions or just feel more comfortable speaking with our team, please give us a call at 403-980-5588

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