About Us

Dr. Parsa created Yankee Valley Dental because her dream was to put smiles on people’s faces in the town that she calls home. She has put together a team of lovely staff who share the common goal of helping patients.

Proud Member of Both the Canadian and Alberta Dental Association

About Yankee Valley Dental

Yankee Valley Dental stemmed from Dr. Parsa’s dream to open a dental practice where she serves the community around her home. Dr. Parsa and her husband (who is also a dentist) live in Airdrie with their toddler, and are really enjoying the life that the beautiful town brings.
She wants her patients to feel that they are being heard and that their dental needs are being met in a comfortable atmosphere.

Dr. Parsa has created an environment that will allow patients to no longer fear the dentist. She has chosen the staff that she feels will help her create a happy and caring atmosphere that she is striving to have. She would like patients to feel that they are being heard and that their dental needs are being met in a comfortable atmosphere.

At Yankee Valley Dental we understand that there are many barriers for patients when it comes to visiting the dentist. Our mission is to reduce these barriers to make your visit the kind of experience that you always wished it to be.
We have caring staff who are here to listen to your concerns and provide a comfortable environment. 

We offer dentistry to patients of all ages, putting the utmost importance in the quality of work that we provide. This includes an enthusiastic and cheerful first experience for your little ones!  We have evening and weekend hours as we understand that our patients have busy schedules. We sincerely hope to see you to help with your dental needs!

We book cleanings based on patient needs (a 7-year-old patient and 50-year-old patient require different amount of cleaning times). We take consideration each individual’s financial situation, and work with their insurance. 

We also offer payment plans so that bigger treatments can be affordable

About Dr. Parsa

Dr. Parsa believes in involving her patients in their care

Dr. Parsa graduated in 2011 and is married to a dentist. She has worked as an associate dentist for 3 different offices. Prior to the feeling she wanted to create her own office where she gets to provide the care and the level of service that she believes in. Dr. Parsa has had a negative dental experience herself as a child. Her hope and wish is that no patient leaving her office is afraid of the dentist again. 

Dr. Parsa believes that learning never ends. Continuing education is one of her passions and she spends a good part of her non-clinical hours increasing her knowledge in her field of dentistry. 

Dr. Parsa strives to educate herself in all aspects of dentistry so that she can look at the mouth as a whole, and not just each individual tooth. 

Why Choose Our Airdrie Dental Clinic?

We follow the 2021 Alberta Dentists Fee guide, making dental treatment more affordable for our patients. Our office offers direct insurance billing, which means that at the end of your appointment, you are only responsible for paying the part of the treatment that your dental insurance is not covering.

We never want there to be surprises for our patients. Our friendly staff will help you look into your dental insurance plan to better understand your dental coverage prior to treatment.

We also understand that life is busy, and that taking time off work is not always an option. We have evening and weekend hours to accommodate patients after work and school.

Dr. Parsa wants her patients to be able to get a hold of her if there is even small a chance that they will be in pain over the weekend. At Yankee Valley Dental, we want to ensure that our patients are never left without the care of a dental professional.

Emergencies can have bad timing! We are one of the few offices that are open on long weekends. We close for statutory holidays such a New Year’s Day and Good Friday. We will endeavour to be open on every Saturday including long weekends, as the majority of other offices in town will be closed.

Your comfort is our priority. We have patient neck pillows and blankets so that you can get your dental work done comfortably.


Payment Plans

We understand that dental treatment can be expensive. Some treatments are not immediately affordable. We have joined a service, Health Smart, that allows our patents to get the treatment that they need, and make payment plans in ways that make them comfortable.

With Health Smart you can find out if you qualify for financing within minutes. Dr. Parsa and her team will guide you in the application process


Up to Date Knowledge

Dr. Parsa is a huge fan of continuing education, and also taught at the University of British Columbia prior to moving to Alberta. She has been part of multiple study groups, and always consulting with colleagues and specialists in her field to discuss the latest technology

If you have a dental related question, Dr. Parsa is often happy to come to the phone to give you an answer!


Convenient Hours

We understand that taking time off work is not an option for most of our patients. This is why we have appointments available during evenings and weekends. At Yankee Valley Dental, if you need to be seen outside of office hours, Dr. Parsa and her team will do their best to accommodate you.

Monday & Wednesday
9am – 5pm

Tuesday & Thursday
9am – 7pm

Friday & Saturday
9am – 3pm

Sunday Closed


Compassionate Team

Dr. Parsa took her time in picking her team members, and truly believes that she has her dream team! Every team member, while having their own specific strengths, shares the common trait of being caring and compassionate. They are all here to welcome you to the office.

You will notice the kindness of our staff members from the moment that you call us!


Service For All Ages

Dr. Parsa would love to be the dentist for your entire family. She loves kids as she has a little one of her own, and experienced with seniors as she has worked in demographics where she served a lot of older patients.

We hope to help you with all your dental needs and reduce the number of office that you need to travel to.

Dr. Parsa will do a very comprehensive new patient exam, which includes checking the patient’s temporomandibular joints, muscles, lymph nodes, tonsils and the thyroid gland among others. If there is a lot to be discussed, Dr. Parsa offers a complimentary consult appointment to go over the findings. The consultation appointment is only for patients who would like further information and entirely optional!

We have a train set in the reception area which is a huge hit with our pediatric patients! We have televisions in each operatory your little ones can be watching Disney Movies while you are getting your dental work done, or simply colouring in our colouring books

Services We Provide

Our goal at Yankee Valley Dental is to attend to all your dental needs. This includes anything from simple cleanings to dental implant placements. It is important to note that Dr. Parsa is a general dentist and she may feel that you are in better hands with a specialist for some procedures. If this is the case, Dr. Parsa will ask you to consider seeing one of her colleagues that she highly trusts.