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Emergency Dentist in Airdrie

We don’t want anyone to go through the weekend in pain or with a broken front tooth. It is called an emergency for a reason. Dr. Parsa and her team will strive to get you in on the same day!

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At Yankee Valley Dental, we understand that emergencies happen. The tooth ache that was barely noticeable during the week may suddenly flare up on the weekend. You or your child may fall off a bike and chip a tooth. A veneer on the front tooth might fall off before a date or an important meeting. We are here to help!

Should you find yourself in need of emergency dental care, call Airdrie Yankee Valley Dental at: 587-200-3040, and we will do everything we can to help!

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How Soon Can I Get In For an Emergency?

When you call us for an emergency, we will do our very best to see you on the same day. If it’s dental pain, Dr. Parsa will endeavour to get you out of pain and comfortable. If it’s a broken tooth, Dr. Parsa will either restore it or get you comfortable until a more permanent treatment can be done.

What You Need to Know

Services We Provide

Our goal at Yankee Valley Dental is to attend to all your dental needs. This includes anything from simple cleanings to dental implant placements. It is important to note that Dr. Parsa is a general dentist and she may feel that you are in better hands with a specialist for some procedures. If this is the case, Dr. Parsa will ask you to consider seeing one of her colleagues that she highly trusts.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that Dr. Parsa speaks 3 languages fluently? She spent her former years in Japan before moving to Canada at age 10.  Dr. Parsa learned to speak Farsi at home while learning English and Japanese through school.