Orthodontics in Airdrie

Orthodontics is more than just improving your smile. Proper spacing and tightness between teeth lead to less food trapping and better natural ‘wicking’ of food.

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Get a Straight Smile with Orthodontic Care in Airdrie

The concept behind orthodontic care is using pressure to gradually move your teeth into the right position.

If you aren’t happy with your smile, orthodontic care in Airdrie can straighten teeth that are crowded, crooked or sticking out. Yankee Valley Dental works with both kids and adults to find the best orthodontic solution for your mouth, lifestyle and budget.

Dr. Parsa will check the positioning of your bite (otherwise known as ‘occlusion’) at every regular check-up and with let you know if she notices that your teeth are out of alignment. Common orthodontic issues include deep overbite, crossbites, large overjets or open bites. You and Dr. Parsa may decide to monitor teeth movement over time using intra oral photos or proceed with orthodontic treatment.

If required, Dr. Parsa may refer you to an orthodontist in Airdrie that specializes in malocclusions and can do more complex care such as headgear and jaw repositioning appliances.

What You Need to Know

Did You Know?

Majority of people who have bad breath have a dental cause behind it. This may include a cavity, gum disease, or impacted wisdom teeth. Non-dental causes may include specific foods in the diet or intestinal problems. The best way to rule out a dental cause for halitosis, come see us at Yankee Valley Dental for an examination.