Wisdom Teeth Removal

You no longer have to go out of town to a surgeon’s office to get your wisdom teeth removed!

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Wisdom Tooth Removal at Yankee Valley Dental Clinic in Airdrie

If you have wisdom teeth that are fully or partly ‘impacted’ (or covered in bone), you would likely benefit from getting them removed.  At Yankee Valley Dental we offer extraction of wisdom teeth with or without sedation, depending on your preference. The surgery is done right in the office, allowing patients to feel more relaxed in their familiar environment. 

Removing Wisdom Teeth is Smart Preventative Practice

People often ask why they would take them out wisdom teeth if they are’t giving them any problems? The truth is that we never reach an age when we are free from problems with our wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can become troublesome for the first time when you are 70 or 80 years old. When you are young, the body heals and regenerates quickly, and recovering from wisdom tooth surgery is not nearly as difficult. Among seniors it becomes a major surgery, and due to the brittleness of the jaw, a fracture of the jaw during surgery can become increasingly likely.

With wisdom teeth it is better to prevent the problems than to deal with them afterwards

Because wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth, they are more difficult to access, and therefore are more likely to get accumulation of dental plaque and cavities. If they are too close to the tooth in front, they may also prevent sufficient bone behind the second molar, leading to localized periodontal (gum) problems. In some individuals, wisdom teeth form cysts and malignant tumours. When patients are younger, the bone is more “spongy” or flexible, allowing for an easier surgery than in later years. In many cases, it is recommended that wisdom teeth are removed preventatively.

Book an appointment for a consultation regarding your wisdom teeth at Airdrie Yankee Valley Dental. Dr. Parsa and team will answer all your questions and make you feel at ease about getting your wisdom teeth removed!

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