Dental Filling in Airdrie

The friendly staff at Yankee Valley Dental will get your tooth protected and back to normal as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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Airdrie Dental Fillings with a Smile and a Guarantee

Advancement in dentistry has allowed us to have tooth colored filling material that is not only esthetic, but strong and durable. While silver fillings have gotten a bad rep for their mercury content, there is no good evidence to show that they need to be replaced for that reason, as the mercury is not in the elemental form which is when it is health risk. However if you would like to have them replaced for esthetic reasons, Dr. Parsa would be happy to help.

Fillings are the typical fix for small- to medium- sized cavities and can be also be used if you have a relatively small fracture in your tooth. Fillings also close off spaces where bacteria can enter, so getting holes and fractures fixed are important for preventing further decay.

When you meet with Dr. Parsa she will discuss with you whether a filling will solve your dental issue, and explain other options if need be. If the cavity or fracture is larger, Dr. Parsa may recommend a dental crown, bridge or implant.

Your comfort is our priority. We have patient neck pillows and blankets so that you can get your dental work done comfortably.

Airdrie Dental Fillings with a Guarantee

At Yankee Valley Dental, we have high standards for the quality of our services. All dental fillings come with a guarantee of the work. If you have an issue with your filling in the two years after the work it done, Dr. Parsa will fix it at no charge.

Book an appointment at Airdrie’s Yankee Valley Dental and have let our friendly staff take care of your dental filling!

What You Need to Know

Services We Provide

At Yankee Valley Dental we provide all the services of a general dental office, including some specialty type services like dental implants and orthodontics. These are all provided by Dr. Parsa who is a general dentist.

We hope to help our patients achieve their best dental health with small changes, which can lead to big results.