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Family Dentist

We know that family life is beyond busy, so we offer evening and weekend hours

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The Family Dentist that Cares

Whether you’re three or ninety-three, you want a dentist that you can trust and that makes you feel comfortable. Look no further than Yankee Valley Dental in Airdrie for your entire family’s dental needs.

Yankee Valley Dental genuinely loves families. Dr. Parsa’s favorite part of dentistry is getting to know her patients and their families, and nothing is more important to her than making sure everyone in the family gets the care and comfort that they need. Airdrie is home to her and her young family, and she loves being able to practice in the city she calls home.

Removing Barriers and Making Your Family Visit Comfortable

At Yankee Valley Dental, we understand that there are many barriers for patients when it comes to visiting the dentist. Our mission is to reduce these barriers to make your visit the kind of experience that you and your family always wished it to be. Here are some of the things that make us great:

Dental Education for Your Family2018-07-05T22:37:33-06:00

Good dental health requires daily care. Dr. Parsa will take the time to teach you and your entire family how to take care of your teeth, no matter what state they are in. If you have small kids, she’ll teach you some tricks of the trade. Have a new implant or crown?  She’ll teach you how to take care of it so that you can have a lasting smile.

Payment Plan Options2019-04-01T12:34:14-06:00

We understand that dental treatment can be expensive. Some ways in which we try to accommodate our patients is by following the 2018 fee guide, and by direct billing to insurances. Even so, we understand that some treatments are not immediately affordable. For this reason we have decoded to join a service that allows our patents to get the treatment that they need, and make payment plans in ways that make them comfortable. With Health Smart you can find out if you qualify for financing within minutes. Dr. Parsa and her team will guide you in the application process.

Dr. Parsa guarantees her crown and bridge work for 5 years. If your crown or bridge requires replacement due to a mechanical failure or a bubble in the porcelain, Dr. Parsa will stand by her work. This does not include failure due to external trauma or recurrent decay around the work.

Dental bridges are sometimes a more expensive option, and Yankee Valley Dental will consider your financial situation, work with your insurance companies and offers payment plan to make treatments more affordable.

Flexible Hours2018-07-17T22:19:56-06:00

We know that family life is beyond busy, so we offer evening and weekend hours. We also know that anything can happen, and Dr. Parsa is available for emergency calls outside of working hours if you or someone in your family has a dental trauma.

Please can be contact during or outside of office hours at 403-980-5588.

Our regular office hours are as follows:

Monday & Wednesday
9am – 5pm

Tuesday & Thursday
9am – 7pm

Friday & Saturday
9am – 3pm

9am – 3pm

Best Technology and Care2018-07-05T22:36:35-06:00

Dr. Parsa used many new technologies, such as large computer monitors to display images, intra-oral cameras, Invisalign® Aligner Therapy and Isolite® Patient Comfort System. She also believes that learning never ends and continually educates herself in all aspects of dentistry so that she can care for your mouth as a whole and with the best techniques available.

Engaged Decision Making2018-07-05T22:36:16-06:00

Dr. Parsa believes in involving her patients in their care. Rather than telling patients what type of care or procedure they need, Dr. Parsa will show you what she sees using a big screen and will spend the time to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. You are involved every step of the way and there are no surprises.

Individualized Care2018-07-05T22:35:56-06:00

At Yankee Valley Dental, we know that each patient is an individual with specific needs. We book cleanings based on patient needs (e.g. a 7-year-old patient and 50-year-old patient require different amount of cleaning times). We believe that if we know our patients, we can serve them better, and Dr. Parsa takes the time to understand your medical history, lifestyle, dental habits and personal preferences so that she and the staff can provide the best care possible. 

Caring and Compassionate Staff2018-07-05T22:35:38-06:00

Our caring staff provide a comfortable environment which includes offering every patient a neck pillow. Whether you’re talking to Dr. Parsa or the staff, we are here to listen to your questions and concerns. 

We care deeply about our patients’ experiences and always welcome feedback on how we can better take care of your dental needs.

Make Yankee Valley Dental your first choice for family dentistry in Airdrie, call us today to book an appointment!

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