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Dental Crowns in Airdrie

There are pros to each kind of crown, and this is where Dr. Parsa can discuss with you what the right option is for you.

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If you have damaged or decaying teeth, a crown can be one of the best options for restoring your smile.  Crowns can make a great option because they allow you to keep your natural tooth. At Yankee Valley Dental, you’ll get custom-made, shade-matched crowns that provide a natural look while also restoring your tooth’s function. Crowns are strong, and if taken care of properly with regular brushing and dental visits, they can last for many years!

When is a dental crown required?

A crown is a custom-made cap that fits over your tooth and is cemented on with a permanent dental cement. Crowns are often required if:

What Is A Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown2018-07-17T22:53:59-06:00

This is ‘best of both worlds’ as it has the colouring of a tooth, but has metal reinforcement underneath. The other benefit of these crowns is that they don’t necessarily have to be replaced if the porcelain chips away. It is worth noting that despite being ‘tooth-coloured’, porcelain fused to metal crowns do not look as natural as all ceramic crowns.

What Is A Full Gold Crown?2018-07-17T22:53:29-06:00

This is still the strongest material out there. A gold crown cannot chip, and the nature of the material also allows Dr. Parsa to take away less tooth structure when preparing for the crown. Another advantage of gold crowns is that they are gentle on the opposing teeth.

What Is A All Ceramic Crown2018-07-17T22:52:39-06:00

This is the most aesthetic of the three options and is most suitable if the tooth is at the front of your mouth. In the past, ceramic crowns were more brittle, but dental technology has come a long way and there are now materials out there that allows you to have a natural-looking crown without compromising strength.

5-year Guarantee and Payment Plan Options2019-04-01T12:37:20-06:00

We understand that dental treatment can be expensive. Some ways in which we try to accommodate our patients is by following the 2018 fee guide, and by direct billing to insurances. Even so, we understand that some treatments are not immediately affordable. For this reason we have decoded to join a service that allows our patents to get the treatment that they need, and make payment plans in ways that make them comfortable. With Health Smart you can find out if you qualify for financing within minutes. Dr. Parsa and her team will guide you in the application process

Dr. Parsa guarantees her crown and bridge work for 5 years. If your crown or bridge requires replacement due to a mechanical failure or a bubble in the porcelain, Dr. Parsa will stand by her work. This does not include failure due to external trauma or recurrent decay around the work.

Dental bridges are sometimes a more expensive option, and Yankee Valley Dental will consider your financial situation, work with your insurance companies and offers payment plan to make treatments more affordable.

I Have Discoloured or Misshapen Teeth2018-07-17T22:16:38-06:00

If you have discoloured or misshapen teeth a crown can be an option to give you natural-coloured and well-shaped teeth.

I Have A Large Cavity Or Filling2018-07-17T22:17:04-06:00

If you have a large cavity or filling that is larger than 2/3 of the tooth structure, a crown will protect what is left of the tooth and help it function as needed.

My Tooth Is Broken Or Has A Fracture2018-07-17T22:21:54-06:00

If your tooth is broken or has a fracture a crown will encapsulate it and keep it from splitting further. If this is a dental emergency, please can be contact during or outside of office hours at 403-980-5588.

At Yankee Valley Dental in Airdrie, Dr. Prasa will examine your teeth and discuss whether crowns are an option, or whether you should explore other possibility such as a dental bridge, dental implants or dentures. Leaving the space can also be suitable for you will depend on the location of the damaged teeth (factoring in aesthetics and strength requirements), your age, dental habits and personal preferences.

After sitting down with Dr. Parsa to determine what crown option is best for you, she will work to prepare your tooth accordingly.  She will then take an impression of the tooth and nearby teeth. This is impression is used to make a custom crown that suits your mouth. A professional lab technician ensures the crown is the right colour match and fits nicely not only on the tooth in question, but also with your gums and other teeth.

What You Need To Know

Did You Know?

Who knew that carbonated water can cause damage to teeth? One of the biggest culprits in development of cavities in our youth is carbonated drinks. Whether it’s carbonated water, soda drinks, or lemonade and ice tea. What is popular about our athletic youth is drinks like Gatorade or energy drinks. You guessed it these are also harmful to teeth. It’s important that young athletes replenish the minerals in their body through diet and not supplement drinks, in order to protect their teeth.

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