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Restorative Dentistry

There are a lot of options for improving your smiles that are covered under basic dental insurance, and do not cost thousands of dollars.

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Restorative Dentistry in Airdrie

It is possible to redesign your smile! At Yankee Valley Dental in Airdrie we offer several cosmetic / restorative dentistry options to improve the colour, shape and alignment of your teeth. Your options can range from doing a simple white filling to getting a dental implant or bridge. Dr. Parsa offers free consultations to help you understand the options and learn what’s possible with your smile.

We offer dentistry to patients of all ages, putting the utmost importance in the quality of work that we provide.

Sometimes the options can be overwhelming. Dr. Parsa wants to help you make the right choice for your mouth, lifestyle and budget. She will sit down with you and show you a picture of your mouth on a big screen, then show you pictures of the options. She will touch on the pros and cons, including associated costs, details of the procedure and number of appointments required. Together, you’ll find the choice that works for you.

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Services We Provide

At Yankee Valley Dental we provide all the services of a general dental office, including some specialty type services like dental implants and orthodontics. These are all provided by Dr. Parsa who is a general dentist.

We hope to help our patients achieve their best dental health with small changes, which can lead to big results.

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Why Choose Our Airdrie Dental Clinic?

We follow the 2018 Alberta Dentists Fee guide, making dental treatment more affordable for our patients. Our office offers direct insurance billing, which means that at the end of your appointment, you are only responsible for paying the part of the treatment that your dental insurance is not covering.

We never want there to be surprises for our patients. Our friendly staff will help you look into your dental insurance plan to better understand your dental coverage prior to treatment.

We also understand that life is busy, and that taking time off work is not always an option. We have evening and weekend hours to accommodate patients after work and school.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Dr. Parsa speaks 3 languages fluently? She spent her former years in Japan before moving to Canada at age 10.  Dr. Parsa learned to speak Farsi at home while learning English and Japanese through school.