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Dental Services

At Yankee Valley Dental we provide all the services that you need to attain a smile that you feel be confident about.

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You Choose Your Treatment

At Yankee Valley Dental we want you to have a full understanding of any treatment that has been suggested to you. In fact, we want you to take part in choosing your treatment. Dr. Parsa and her team are here to do the necessary exams to determine the health of your teeth, and they will discuss the findings with you. They will display pictures of your teeth on a large screen, so that you will be able to see what the team sees. With each tooth, Dr. Parsa will  discuss possible treatment (which includes no treatment at all), and the pros and cons involved with it.  You will then have the full knowledge necessary to choose a course of action.

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Our hope at Yankee Valley is that your visit is unlike any dental experience that you have had. Too many times Dr. Parsa and her team hear about adverse dental experience that their patents have had. The truth is that Dr. Parsa and her team have all had not-so-positive experience at various dental offices themselves. This is why we are committed to make our office one that patients can feel at ease. 

We want our office to be a place of comfort, where you trust that our team only wants the best for you.

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At Yankee Valley Dental, we want to ensure you walk into your dental appointment feeling confident. Our frequently asked questions include  information on our dental services, our office values and helpful tips on how you can keep your mouth healthy. If you have any further questions or just feel more comfortable speaking with our team, please give us a call at  403-980-5588

At Yankee Valley, we want your visit to have no surprises.
View our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Our Airdrie Dental Clinic?

We follow the 2018 Alberta Dentists Fee guide, making dental treatment more affordable for our patients. Our office offers direct insurance billing, which means that at the end of your appointment, you are only responsible for paying the part of the treatment that your dental insurance is not covering.

We never want there to be surprises for our patients. Our friendly staff will help you look into your dental insurance plan to better understand your dental coverage prior to treatment.

We also understand that life is busy, and that taking time off work is not always an option. We have evening and weekend hours to accommodate patients after work and school.

The Extra Touch

Dr. Parsa will always give out her personal phone number after extractions, dental implants, or root canal therapy. She also wants her patients to be able to get a hold of her if there is even small a chance that they will be in pain over the weekend. At Yankee Valley Dental, we want to ensure that our patients are never left without the care of a dental professional.

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Testimonial of Our Service

I saw Dr. Parsa to get my wisdom teeth removed when she was working in Calgary. I had been told by another general dentist that I have to see the specialist to get them out but put it off because it was hundreds of dollars just for the consultation. I was in soooo much pain when I saw Dr. Parsa and was so relieved when she was able to take them out for me. It saved me a lot of money since my insurance covered her fees. I also had sedation since I was really nervous about the procedure and don’t think I could have gone through it without. So grateful that she was able to help me out. I highly recommended Dr. Parsa anyone looking for a dentist!

Megan Iceton
Testimonial of Our Service

Dr. Camelia is one of the most caring people I know!  She is very knowledgeable in dentistry, always takes time to listen, is gentle and kind.  She pays close attention and is meticulous in her work, I am so blessed to have found her, both as a dentist and friend.  I look forward to our appointments which is something I have never done with past dentists!  I highly recommend her!

Alva Saunders-Tetzlaff

Did You Know?

Sweets have a bad reputation for causing cavities, but acid can actually do damage much more quickly. What your consuming does not have to be ‘unhealthy’ to cause damage to teeth. Many people put lemon in their water to be healthy, but but acid can not only cause erosion, but it takes away the mineralizes in the teeth that are the building blocks of enamel. This can lead to cavities formation very quickly.


Need a Consultation?

At Yankee Valley Dental we understand dental work can make you feel uneasy. You may not know what type of dental service you need. Dr. Parsa is happy to offer consultation to review and discuss any concerns or dental needs.

We also offer payment plans so that bigger treatments can be affordable for you.

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If you have any questions please reach out to us by filling out your details below.  You can also give our office a call at: (403) 980-5588.  Our friendly staff is committed to getting back to you as soon as possible.