Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Male or female, big or small, sleep apnea can affect you. Speak to Dr. Parsa today on how Yankee Valley Dental can help.

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If you are waking up not feeling rested, it is possible that you are suffering from sleep apnea. In the past it was thought that sleep apnea occurred mainly in men and among those who are overweight, but more and more research is showing that petite females (with small neck circumference) are at high risk for sleep apnea as well. Dr. Parsa likes to investigate and explore this area, as it may not always come up with your medical doctor.

How do I Know if I Have Sleep Apnea?

The definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea is determined through a sleep study. This must be done at a sleep clinic through the referral of your doctor. However, there are signs and symptoms that suggest that you might be suffering from sleep apnea.  This is an area that Dr. Parsa could discuss with you if you have suspicions that you are affected by it. 

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If you want to explore oral appliance therapy or simply want to find out more about sleep apnea, contact Yankee Valley Dental for Airdrie Sleep Apnea Care. Dr. Parsa will discuss the topic with you and see if you are a good candidate for getting a sleep test to find a definitive answer.

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