When a dental emergency happens, it is important to call your Airdrie dental clinic for emergency dental treatment. Things like extreme pain or bleeding after dental surgery or a blow to the face causing your teeth to break or crack are considered an emergency. Before you get to the dentist, there are several things you can do to take care of your teeth in an emergency.

Act fast

Say your tooth has fallen out due to a facial injury. You can try to put it back into the socket by grasping the surface (not the root) and gently inserting it back into place. If this is not possible before heading to your Airdrie dental office for emergency dental treatment, place your tooth in salt water or milk. This action may help keep your tooth viable for being placed back in your mouth by the dentist. Be sure to avoid using solely regular tap water for your tooth as it may cause the root surface cells to be rejected after a short amount of time.

It is important you get to your dentist in 30 minutes as most teeth will not be viable after any longer period.

Airdrie dental clinics

Airdrie dental clinics

Cold therapy

When your tooth gets chipped or broken, it can cause you to experience tons of pain. You can lessen this pain by using cold therapy. What is cold therapy? Also known as cryotherapy, this therapy is the process of reducing blood flow to your injured location by putting a cold compress on the spot. Cold temperatures reduce inflammation and swelling that causes the pain. In the case of your chipped or broken tooth, you can rinse your mouth out, stop the bleeding, and apply a cold compress around the area of your mouth where the pain is occurring.

Make sure to still call your Airdrie dental clinic for emergency treatment as soon as possible.

Avoid sharp items

Never use a sharp item like a knife or nail file to get food or other particles out from your gums or in between your teeth. This will likely only cause you to experience pain as you might cut the spot open by accident and start bleeding, opening your oral cavity up to infection. Try gently brushing the stuck item out or use dental floss. If these actions do not work, then call your dentist for an emergency dental treatment so the item can be dislodged safely.

If you leave something stuck between your teeth or in your gums for extended periods, you will likely experience quite a bit of pain after a while. A stuck item can also lead to oral cavity infections. Your Airdrie dental office will know what to do with that annoying piece of popcorn or potato chip that is lodged in between your gums.

When there is a dental emergency, you must get yourself to an emergency dentist as soon as possible to avoid further complications.