February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This time of year represents an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge your child’s dental health. The commemoration unifies oral health experts, caregivers, and parents to give the youth a positive start to their dental health.
From healthy snacks and oral routines to visiting your children’s dentist, this month reminds us to ensure our children are taking up the proper oral habits. Here’s how you can help celebrate with your child.

1. Raise Awareness

Few people know about National Children’s Dental Health Month. As such, a great way to celebrate is to spread the word! You can accomplish this in many ways:

  • Tell friends and family
  • Make a social media post with the hashtag #ChildrensDentalHealthMonth
  • Do fun activities with your little one(s) that encourage healthy oral habits (arts & crafts, brushing and flossing games, etc.)

By spreading the word, you never know who you may encourage. It may be a random stranger on social media or a close friend/relative.

2. Be the Leader for Your Little One

Kids learn by your example; try to make it a point for your children to see you practicing what you preach. The more your kids see you brushing, flossing, eating healthy, etc., the more they will follow your lead. You can do this by practicing your oral health habits together! Before bed, ensure you and your child brush and floss at the same.

This practice works twofold: First, it will help your child adopt healthy oral habits. And second, it will strengthen your bond, creating a better relationship between you and your youngster.

3. Try These Children’s Brushing Tips

If you have a hard time getting your child to take their oral seriously, try these tips.

  • Schedule it: The health benefits of brushing and flossing can only come through consistency. So you must start and stick to a schedule. Even during special occasions or down days, you must reiterate the necessity of oral health to your child.
  • Experiment: Try out numerous toothbrushes or tubes of toothpaste to see which ones your child likes most. Sometimes a toothbrush branded with their favourite cartoon character or a particular toothpaste flavour is enough to get them started.
  • Persistence: Initially, junior may get up in arms at having a consistent dental health routine. But with persistence, they will become used to it. And soon, they won’t be able to imagine their routine without it.

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month

Acknowledging National Children’s Dental Health Month will ensure your little one’s oral hygiene remains intact. But aside from the suggestions mentioned above, you can manage your and your child’s dental health through regular checkups. Contact us today for a free consultation!

We look forward to hearing from you!