If you’re dealing with a sudden dental problem, you might be wondering whether it qualifies as an emergency or if it can wait until you make an appointment with your dental clinic in Airdrie. As a rule of thumb, a knocked-out tooth, severe pain, and uncontrolled bleeding are all considered dental emergencies and need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Keep reading to find out when you should see an emergency dentist and learn about non-emergency dental issues that can wait for an appointment.

Common dental emergencies

  • Severe and consistent pain – If a toothache comes suddenly or the pain does not stop, call or visit your dental clinic as soon as you can. Severe and consistent pain is not normal – an emergency dentist in Airdrie can relieve the pain and diagnose the issue.
  • A swollen jaw – Having a swollen jaw that is accompanied by fever, pain, bad taste in your mouth, and difficulty swallowing or breathing needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 
  • Severely chipped or broken tooth – The most common reason for a chipped or broken tooth is a sports injury or an accident. Damaged teeth are considered a dental emergency, especially if there is a crack travelling up to the gums and to the root of the tooth. 
  • Infection – Referred to as a dental abscess, infections are serious and can be life-threatening. Infections may be accompanied by a fever, pus, and swollen glands and need to be treated immediately.
  • Bleeding gums – A serious problem with bleeding gums is different from gums that bleed for a short time after brushing and flossing. Gums that are extremely swollen, tender, and continue to bleed uncontrollably are considered a dental emergency.
  • Knocked-out tooth – If your tooth is completely knocked out from the socket, it’s important to get emergency dental services as soon as possible. You can save your natural tooth if you act fast enough. Carefully pick the tooth up by the crown and avoid touching the root. Gently rinse the tooth without scrubbing and reinsert the tooth back into the socket, if possible and head to your dentist. If not, place the tooth in a container of milk and see your dentist right away.
  • Loose teeth – Loose adult teeth are not normal and require the attention of an emergency dentist. Loose teeth are at risk of falling out completely and should be treated quickly to save your natural teeth.

Non-emergency dental problems

Not all dental issues are considered an emergency. The following non-emergency problems can wait until regular business hours when you can make an appointment with your dentist.

  • Dull toothache – Pain that is manageable or inconsistent is not an emergency.
  • Slightly chipped tooth – If you have a slightly damaged tooth and it doesn’t come with pain or sensitivity, you can call your dentist to schedule an appointment. However, it’s important to consult your dentist to determine whether the issue is an emergency. 
  • A lost dental filling, bridge, or crown – Your dentist can replace your filling, bridge, or crown during regular business hours. If you’ve lost a bridge or spacer that fills a gap in your teeth, don’t wait too long to make an appointment as teeth can shift over time. 

Where to find dental emergency services in Airdrie

At Yankee Valley Dental, we offer same-day emergency dental services that can provide you with relief and treatment. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency or if you’re unsure whether your problem needs to be addressed right away, contact us and we can help.