Dental implants are an innovative solution to replace missing or damaged teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, implants never come out and are secured to the jaw like natural teeth. Permanent dentures provide a lot more than replace missing teeth. There are many benefits to having permanent dentures than traditional dentures and bridges don’t offer.

If you’re in need of a tooth replacement solution, Yankee Dental recommends considering dental implants. To find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants, book a consultation with us.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Implants

1. Prevents Bone Loss and Increases Bone Development

Permanent dentures are the only tooth replacement option that prevents bone loss and increases bone development. When an implant is placed into the jaw, it causes new bone to form around the implant. This secures and strengthens the jaw, helping to counteract natural bone loss from missing or damaged teeth.

A quality dental system like Straumann implants provides a less invasive option that not only preserves bone and increases the bone quantity, it also delays the facial ageing process due to bone loss.

2. Matches And Supports Natural Teeth

A proficient dentist will work with you to design implants that fit in the gaps and matches the colour of your natural teeth. Missing teeth can cause misalignment, but permanent dentures fill the gaps perfectly to give you a straight and even smile.

Dental implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When considering permanent dentures, look for a system like Straumann implants that provide more treatment options and flexibility with the unique needs of each patient.

3. Improves Overall Physical Health And Well Being

Traditional dentures that aren’t anchored in place limit the type of food you can eat. With permanent dentures, it’s much easier to eat nutrient-rich foods, leading to a better diet and increased health.

Dental implants are known to boost confidence because they look and feel like natural teeth. No embarrassing slippage to worry about! With added confidence, patients with permanent dentures report better overall well being in their day to day life.

4. Less Treatments And Easy To Maintain

Unlike traditional implants, permanent dentures don’t require special products, cups, adhesive, cleansing tablets, or special flossers to maintain. Taking care of dental implants are much easier – just brush and floss like you normally would you with your natural teeth.

Because dental implants are considered to be stronger than natural tooth roots, the life expectancy of permanent dentures are a cut above any other tooth replacement option. If cared for properly, dental implants require less treatment and will not need to be replaced for years to come.

With new technology in Straussman implants, the process is less invasive as bone regeneration can be avoided if possible. To find out what the best treatment options are for you, book a consultation with us.

5. Looks And Feels Like Natural Teeth

Permanent dentures feel and function like natural teeth. They allow you to speak easily, improves your facial profile, and helps you regain confidence in your smile.

If you’re looking for the best in implant therapy, Yankee Dental’s permanent denture procedure might be the option for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgable and expert dentists!