Even though you are no longer a child learning how to brush your teeth, you might be making mistakes that can be harming your teeth and gums. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Everyone needs some tips now and then to ensure they are brushing their teeth right. Here are steps you can take to ensure you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Following the proper procedure for brushing your teeth can help limit your visits to the family dental clinic in Airdrie.

Pick the right toothbrush

It all starts with the toothbrush. Picking a good toothbrush is critical to how your teeth get cleaned. Dentists all over the world recommend a soft-bristled brush. This type of toothbrush gets the job done, eliminating plaque and tartar while being gentle on your teeth and gums. Hard bristle brushes have a higher chance of scraping and harming your teeth’s enamel.

It is also crucial to pick a toothbrush that fits your mouth just right. For most adults, toothbrushes with half-inch-wide heads and an inch tall will be effective. Make sure all your teeth can be reached.

Be thorough

Speaking of brushing all your teeth, make sure you are thorough with each tooth. You don’t want to keep missing the same spots and end up with cavities or an infection due to those teeth you miss cleaning. Make sure you clean every surface on your teeth, including the chewing portion, front side, back side, and in between. Part of your routine should include daily flossing. Flossing will release the particles between your teeth so your toothbrush can finish the job.

Leave nothing to chance!

Family dental clinics Airdrie

Family dental clinics Airdrie

Use the right angle

When brushing your teeth, you might think to just go for it, brushing back and forth, but there is actually a technique to using your toothbrush correctly. Keep your toothbrush positioned at a 45-degree angle while you move the brush back and forth in short circular strokes. This way the bristles will effectively clean under the gum line where plaque can hide out.

Brush your tongue

Just because it’s not a tooth doesn’t mean it’s not important. Your tongue is an important part of your oral cavity so brushing it is essential. Your tongue harbours bacteria which causes odours that can lead to bad breath. Avoid these negative reactions caused by a dirty tongue by scrubbing your tongue with the bumpy part on the back of your toothbrush. This part of the toothbrush is made just for your tongue but if your brush doesn’t have one, then just use the bristles instead.

As always, it is important to see your family dental clinic in Airdrie regularly for professional cleanings and check-ups. Your teeth will keep sparkling clean as you smile away knowing the dentist has not found anything negative that needs further attention during an emergency dental clinic appointment.

Brush your teeth correctly to keep your oral hygiene in top shape!