If your tooth has been knocked out due to an injury or pulled out due to oral health problems, it is important to replace it. Your family dental clinic in Airdrie has a list of options for replacing your missing tooth. Dental implants in Airdrie might be one of your options if you want a natural-looking tooth to fill in the space.

So, why is it so important for you to replace your missing tooth or teeth?

Dental implants Airdrie

Dental implants Airdrie

1. Droopy face

Avoiding a droopy face is one of the main reasons you should replace your missing teeth. Without replacing teeth in your mouth, your face shape could change. The empty space where your tooth used to be causes a drooping effect that can age the way you look. The muscle and bone no longer have anything to hold on to and begin to weaken over time. Your bones can begin to shrink leading to a misshapen facial structure.

2. Mental health

Your mental health can be negatively affected when you have missing teeth, contributing to insecurities and a negative outlook on life. Although it seems superficial, our smile really does make a difference in how we interact with people which can impact our mental health greatly.

Low self-confidence can also arise as a result of a speech impediment when you have missing teeth. It is also difficult to chew when you have fewer teeth which leads to frustration. All of this builds up overtime, which is why it’s important to address missing teeth as soon as possible.

3. TMJ

Changes to your temporomandibular joints can cause extreme pain. The loss of teeth is a common reason people experience TMJ. Your teeth are connected to the muscles in your jaw and, when you are missing teeth, it can change the function of these muscles.

Family dental clinics in Airdrie are equipped to help you overcome extreme pain from TMJ and can offer solutions like dental implants to restore the look and function of your oral cavity

4. Poor oral health

When you have missing teeth, the gaps left in your mouth open to bacterial accumulation. It is easy to get food particles stuck in the space where your teeth once were. This open space can become infected and you may need to call your dentist for an emergency appointment.

Missing teeth can cause negative changes to your bite. The alignment of your upper and lower jaw are dependent on your teeth working together but, with missing teeth, your mouth gets confused and your bite can end up crooked. A misaligned jaw could lead to major dental work to correct the problem. Your dentist can offer solutions like a bridge or dental implant to restore the natural orientation of your jaw.

Your family dental clinic in Airdrie has dentists that will catch any issues before they become a major problem. If you have missing teeth, it is important to have your dentist determine the cause and offer the solutions to keep your oral cavity healthy.