Every year, many special occasions act as reminders to appreciate all we have. Christmas reminds us to enjoy our loved ones, Thanksgiving reminds us to appreciate our bounty, etc. And now, National Dentist Day reminds us to appreciate our family dentist! So on March 6th, remember to thank the special person keeping your smile bright! But at this point, you may be wondering…

What is National Dentist’s Day?

National Dentist’s Day was created to show respect to the thousands of dentists throughout Canada. Moreover, it was sanctioned as a means to raise awareness of the necessity of good oral health and hygiene. National Dentist’s Day takes place every year on March 6th.

5 Ways You Can Celebrate National Dentist’s Day

Celebrating this occasion doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. All it takes is a few simple actions to acknowledge this special day. Here are 5 easy ways you can celebrate National Dentist’s Day.

  1. Give thanks to your dentist: On your next appointment, snap a photo with your dentist and post it to your social media accounts, acknowledging their efforts. Use the hashtags #NationalDentistsDay or #DentistsDay to garner support and generate awareness for the special occasion.
  2. Send a thoughtful email: Many dentists would greatly value the show of appreciation from an email thanking them for their services. This personable token of recognition will make your dentist’s day and spark goodwill for future dental checkups.
  3. Referrals: Referring your friends and colleagues is the highest praise you can give to your family dentist. This simple action communicates you value them, their services, and how they’ve made you feel as a patient.
  4. Dental work charity donations: Try donating to a charity offering free dental work to recipients. Many people can’t afford dental work. So by donating to charity, you’re helping those less fortunate gain access to an essential resource for their overall health and well-being.
  5. Ensure you keep up with your dental health habits: Your dental health requires continual “maintenance.” Brushing, flossing, limiting sugar intake, etc., should all be part of your dental health routine.

Celebrate National Dentist Day with Yankee Valley Dental

National Dentist Day is a time to celebrate your family dentist. But it’s also a reminder to take care of your own oral health. At Yankee Valley Dental, your oral hygiene is our priority. For this reason, our clinic offers dental emergency services, convenient hours (we’re open evenings and weekends), and a compassionate team. Contact us today to book an appointment.