Cracked or chipped teeth can make it difficult to chew, lowers self-confidence, and even causes further dental health complications like tooth decay or discolouration. When you notice a chip or crack in your little one’s tooth, it is important to get them to a kids’ dentist in Airdrie. Depending on the severity of the situation, you might need to visit an Airdrie emergency dentist.

Help your child steer clear of chipped or cracked teeth by implementing some prevention methods and teaching them about proper dental care.

1. Protection

Safeguard your child’s teeth with a sports mouthguard while they are out playing team sports or performing high-energy activities. This way, if your child is accidentally hit with a ball to the face, there is less chance of sustaining damage to their teeth. A mouthguard can be purchased over the counter or be custom fit to your child’s mouth.

2. Keep away from hard items

Does your little one love to chew on jawbreakers or other hard food items like nuts? If your child is really little, try to keep them away from eating these types of snacks until they understand how to be more careful while chomping down. It is always best to introduce softer. healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. Not only will this form good eating habits, but he/she will be keeping their primary teeth healthy. Chewing on hard foods can easily cause cracked enamel or a broken tooth.

3. Stop using teeth for things other than chewing

Have you noticed your little one using their teeth like a wrench to open a container or bottle to get at their favourite drink? Using their teeth for anything besides chewing food is cause for concern. Habitually opening plastic bags, cracking nutshells, or tearing things with their teeth can cause a painful misalignment of the jaw.

4. Grinding teeth is a big no-no

Grinding teeth can destroy the enamel and dentin more easily, leading to chipped or cracked teeth. Some children grind their teeth when they are anxious, or they may have a condition called bruxism. If your child tends to grind their teeth, a dentist can provide some preventative measures to protect their oral cavity from issues.

5. Regularly visit the dentist

It is always good to take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups. A pediatric dentist will notice if anything is awry with your child’s teeth and be able to aid in correcting any concerns before they become a problem. If there is a small crack or chip developed way back in your child’s mouth where you can’t see with the naked eye, the dentist will discover it through a regular examination. Early detection of problems can be addressed quickly to avoid further issues.

Be sure your child smiles with confidence and has a healthy mouth by taking them to a kids’ dentist in Airdrie at a young age. Your dental questions and concerns will be answered, and your child’s mouth will look and feel good. Strengthen your child’s oral health with every visit.